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In addition to designing and developing engaging educational experiences for our clients, we also provide insightful trainings that inspire educators while helping them improve their effectiveness through creative, technology-infused lessons. These can be structured as formal professional development seminars, small group trainings, or collaborative work sessions. Below you'll find descriptions for some of the seminars we've presented in the past, but feel free to let us know if you have specific topics in mind and we'll custom-tailor a seminar to meet your organization's needs.



"Creative Technology Integration for Teachers"
Do you want to increase student enthusiasm, acquisition and retention for any subject matter? Learn why technology integration is so important and how you can accomplish it with tools you and your students use everyday. Included in this seminar are numerous hands-on examples, demonstrations, sample lessons and links to valuable resources.

"Use Your iPod/iPhone/iPad as a Classroom Teaching Tool"
If you have an iPod or iPhone, put it to use in your classroom! Learn tons of new and exciting ways to integrate technology into daily lessons, all with a device that most people already own. Show video clips through any classroom TV, create interactive learning-review games to play with your class, record podcasts of your lectures, show PowerPoint presentations on your TV and lots more. If you can operate an iPod, then you can use it to make your classroom come alive!

"Don't Ban Cell Phones in the Classroom... Use Them!"
Today's cell phones are ten times more powerful than the desktop computers of 15 years ago, and yet we pass them off as "toys". Learn how to incorporate students' cell phones in the classroom in ways you never thought possible, all without your school having to spend a dime on new technology! Receive practical ideas, strategies and guidelines that can be incorporated immediately, regardless of one's "technical ability".

"Integrate MS Office or Apple's iWork Into Your Lessons & Assignments"
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and iWork (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) have so many amazing possibilities for classroom use, yet even the most tech-savvy teachers are often unaware of its potential. "Beginner" through "advanced" computer users will all benefit from this class as they learn exciting, helpful and productive ways to integrate these applications in their lessons and assignments. This hands-on seminar includes instruction on digital rough-drafts, interactive student reports/projects, real-world math projects in Excel, beginner programming assignments and more!

"Classroom A/V Intro for the Non-technical Teacher"
Do you find yourself, or other teachers at your school fearing classroom technology? Are you worried what will happen if someone unplugs cables for the DVD player, or reprograms the TV? Get hands-on instruction in basic A/V technology for the classroom, including Televisions, DVD/VCR units and data projectors. Learn about how to set-up and connect equipment properly, plus great troubleshooting tips for what to do when things go wrong.

"Technology Integration for the Beginner"
Learning the first steps of technology integration can be challenging and intimidating for many teachers today, and yet there are so many easy-to-learn tools available. Through this seminar, teachers can get hands-on instruction on how to implement technology in their classrooms, even if they have limited computer/technology background. Possible topics can include hands-on instruction of PowerPoint, tips for utilizing Word and Excel in the classroom, options for finding and using multi-media elements in lessons, creation of digital worksheets and more!

Custom Class Topics...
If you're looking for a seminar on a topic that is not mentioned above, or if you would like a focused seminar on a particular form of technology (or at a specific skill level), then feel free to contact us. We would be happy to create a custom seminar that fits your organization's specific needs or desires.

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